The largest ICO in history, i.e,. the ERC-20 EOS Token ICO, is now closed on June 1st at 22:59:59 UTC. In total, EOS has raised $4 billion with 331,433 shareholders. Among these token holders (excluding the reserved 0xb1 address), 149,533 of them had registered their EOS public keys and they will be officially included in the snapshot for EOS genesis generation. These registered 149,533 token holders share 88% of the total supplied EOS tokens. On the other hand, there are 181,900 token holders (1.41% share) who have not completed the registration yet. If they do not complete the registration in the 23-hours grace period, they may not literally own the tokens when the grace period is over. For the rest 10.59%, the 0xb1 address holds the reserved 10% share, and the final part 0.59% is kept in the EOS smart contract, representing those investors who already paid for the token sale, but have not claimed them yet.

As we mentioned in our last blog [1], among those registrations, quite a few are not valid because they may take bad key formats or use publicly known key(s). As the closing moment of EOS token sale, i.e., Jun 1 22:59:59 UTC, 730 of the all registered holders (149,533) wrongly registered their EOS public keys. These 730 token holders share 0.11% of the total supplied EOS tokens, which is equivalent to around 14 million USD as of current EOS price. In the following table, we list those who either have not registered yet or have registered in a wrong way. Note that we only show those with EOS balance larger than 100,000 EOS. The complete list is available in our github [2].

Not/Wrongly Registered Addresses Type EOS Balance
0x47139cbec96ff8e2d06e0595f966827e400492c3 Not Registered 904,523.9057
0xf02006a1d87172110c7e2a4272a84bd5797bcf17 Bad Format 800,000.2287
0x9c00c631b36ba5d93ed8f5279a4c55e6c2ba7c66 Not Registered 766,986.2427
0xa23f2b0920b6a7c321f286b03d15dd621f314863 Not Registered 567,558.4703
0xd0c3135cff83aa5a5824ed5ffbc1ae35f5d424e5 Not Registered 522,389.6012
0xeac048dc2fcc4482fd37271a3c84b8a94b869da9 Not Registered 250,011.3370
0x9cf837cbdf088c6fb2e0ffd8cc2571eab9710c95 Not Registered 250,000.0000
0x5abef7fc05bce3248a032c4e0d27be3bd4c35936 Not Registered 237,064.5055
0xb06481dcb3e5d0261659acc689d8542483e24bba Not Registered 197,883.0000
0x89c51c0c4c14a092a8543e672ae5f756110ddac3 Not Registered 172,111.0000
0x86fa049857e0209aa7d9e616f7eb3b3b78ecfdb0 Not Registered 154,834.0599
0xfd5cd5bf27c96887d7b8a9f3964582514338953e Not Registered 131,312.7205
0xf97266cfc8acbe9ad3977697ce6b34568459e006 Not Registered 128,567.8444
0x0085b2efd42c5a32de9974314d920895e42cdf1e Not Registered 100,628.5950

Among the above list, the address 0xf02006a1d87172110c7e2a4272a84bd5797bcf17 holding 800,000.2287 EOS did not register properly. Specifically, our analysis show that she actually generated a valid EOS key. However, she put an extra space (ASCII 0x20) before that valid EOS key during the registration, which makes the key length 54 (0x36) bytes as shown in the following figure:

If she still thinks she’s all set, this single space might cost her ~10 million dollars! In the remaining 23-hours grace period and before June 2 21:59:59 UTC, go register your EOS public key now.

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